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Lie of the Day
by Jason van Gumster
The Metrocity Times - Bloom of the Stogie City
Awesome Shirts, Mugs, and Hats in
The Oligarch Duplicity
Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by Saxon Mills, LLC  All rights reserved.
The Oligarch Duplicity
J. Sibley Law
Producer, Writer, Director
Kathryn Fumie
Kathryn & Kerry Bale
Mike Fine
Technical Director & Weapons Master

Karen Connelly
Kathryn Fumie
Jeremy Funke
Andrew Gullans
Anna Hayes
Tracy James
Maureen Kelley
John Pyron
Polina Rabinovich
Vic Terenzio
Joel Vetsch

Mike Chaiken (News)
Mike Fine
Jeremy Funke
Andrew Gullans
John Librie (Best Boy)
Cassandra Ritone
Jack Rushen
  (contributing writer)
Kristin Santa Maria (News)
Joel Vetsch

Art & Photographs
J. Sibley Law
JoAnn Moran
Bill Rock
Public Relations
Stephanie Schonbrun
Emily Sheehy

Commercial Locations
Brown's Marina
The Duncan Hotel
Freightliner of
  Southern CT
Good Food Fast Catering
Holiday Inn (Bridgeport)
McLaughlin Vineyards
Puppet House Theatre
Stephen's Pub
Tech Theatrical Services

TMT Journalism Written by: J. Sibley Law, Kristin Santa Maria, and Mike Chaiken
Associate Producers: Jeremy Funke, Patti Law, and Nathan Wrann
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Free from musicians featured in
The Oligarch Duplicity

KATYA - Official Trailer
Other News
Breaking News
Laura MacLean - "Girl in the Air"

Tracy James - "Changing Planes"

Garage Spin - "Spinning Daydream"