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About The Oligarch Duplicity

About the Production
The concept for The Oligarch Duplicity was created in August 2008, when writer-director J. Sibley Law (who goes by "Sib"), decided to delve into the narrative side of web television. An accomplished playwright and creator of the syndicated webseries hit News for Blondes (2006-2007), he turned to the genre which had become a welcome vacation-pasttime, spy-thrillers. Utilizing the vast array of locations available, cast and crew left the studio to create Europe on location though out Connecticut. They shot in famous locations such as Hotel Duncan in New Haven and the Puppet House Theater in Branford (where Orson Welles used to summer stock his troupe) and they shot in more remote locations such as McLaughlin Vineyards in Sandy Hook and the Great Meadow Marsh in their hometown of Stratford.

Who are the Filmmakers
In 2005, J. Sibley Law started Saxon Mills, the production company behind the development of the The Oligarch Duplicity. During their first production year, they helped to innovate the short format cooking show as well as released a stand-up comedy show. However, it was when the team started producing a daily show (News for Blondes) that their shows were quickly taken up around the world. That show found its way to the front pages of The Times of London, The Sun of London, and other news outlets around the globe. In 2007, the team was designated an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards for their spoof of the Presidential campaign (Bonnie for President). Also, in 2007 their shows were being viewed between 70,000 and 80,000 times daily. In 2008, the Saxon Mills team began working on The Oligarch Duplicity. Law was looking for a project that would be truly unique. "I remember, we were months away from a two week holiday and I had already purchased a couple of spy novels, which were sitting on my desk," Law explained. "Realizing that the first thing I did with a little time off was to escape into the world of espionage, it made sense to bring that back into my work."

What's so Unique About The Oligarch Duplicity
The Oligarch Duplicity is unique in a number of ways. One thing that makes it stand out over many other spy-thrillers is how handily it has faith in its lead. Kathryn Fumie stars as Kathryn Bale and her twin sister Kerry. Additionally, where many webseries rely on comedy for their hook, The Oligarch Duplicity relies heavily on character and the travails that character undergoes. In fact, viewers follow Kathryn from New York to Rome, where she finds herself incarcerated, then onto Tuscany, Odessa, and finally Minsk. Add to that the peril of her publisher, who is trying to save her life and the relational developments between her colleagues back home in the newsroom and it makes for a compelling story.

Additionally, the website for The Oligarch Duplicity ( is unique in that there is a great deal of other related content available and it is laid out like a newspaper. In fact, Saxon Mills hired real life reporters Mike Chaiken and Kristin Santa Maria to write a fictional series of related articles that unfold like a mystery. That mystery both illuminates Kathryn's homestown and uncovers something sinister associated with an explosion at the newspaper's printing plant, which is a driving theme in the webseries. Intersecting with the story of series, the articles provide an uncommon and intriguing way for viewers to engage the world of The Oligarch Duplicity and additional content beyond way they get in the show.

Other noteworthy content includes twitter updates from the main character as well as Katya a companion spoofy spy-gadget review series starring Kate Kuen and Lie of the Day, written daily by Jason van Gumster.

The Oligarch Duplcity: Written and Directed by J. Sibley Law, stars Kathryn Fumie and is produced by Back Seat Productions and Saxon Mills. Releases Tuesdays starting September 21, 2010 on
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