Body Found at Printing Facility in Docklands
Published: September 9, 2009
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In a prepared statement issued yesterday afternoon, the mayor’s office said the city is making the investigation of this fire its top priority. “We have asked that the coroner’s office do the autopsy as quickly as possible. We want to resolve this investigation quickly and efficiently. We have full confidence that our police department will the case resolved soon.”

The city Coroner’s Office has come under fire from the media (Editor’s note: This includes The Metrocity Times) for the consistent delays in releasing completed autopsy reports.)

The Mayor’s public statement is the first time that office has inferred there is a problem in the coroner’s office. This is the mayor’s first attempt to take a more active role in the case.

The fire has become a sore spot for the mayor, as it has set back his plans for the Southern Docks. The discovery of a body at the printing press casts an eerie light on plans to revitalize that community.

The Metrocity Times is also feeling pressure while waiting for an official ruling on the fire and any possible criminal activity related to the fire.

Owner Robert “Bull” Hanover said he cannot proceed with plans to rebuild the printing press until the investigation is closed; the insurance company will not process a claim until any fire or criminal investigations are complete.

“We will get to the bottom of what happened at that printing press,” said Hanover. “Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The MT can get pretty noisy if we have to, and sometimes that’s the only way to get results.”

Hanover would not speculate about who was found in the building.

“After the fire, we did a full accounting of all the workers that were in the facility and everyone was accounted for,” said Hanover. “Whoever that poor soul was, our prayers are with her and her family.”

Metrocity Police have yet to release any information regarding the cause of the fire.

While questions are waiting to be answered about the victim and the fire, the only option left to The Metrocity Times is to wait and see what the investigations of these city officials reveal.

by Aisha Washington
Police have now confirmed that a body has been found at the scene of the fire that destroyed The Metrocity Times printing facility two weeks ago.

Sgt. David Sturges, the Metrocity police spokesperson, said that the victim has been identified as a woman in her 40s.

“The victim received severe burns over half of her body,” said Sturges. “The body was sent to Metrocity Hospital, where an autopsy will be performed to identify the victim and determine cause of death.”

When asked where the body was found at the crime scene the police would not comment, saying the incident is still an open investigation.
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