Body Identified as MT Reporter
by Aisha Washington
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The identification of Eliza Hamilton’s body raises the question of what she was doing at the scene of the fire, which occurred at 4 a.m. Warehouse workers and newspaper delivery staff are typically the only people in the facility at that time. According to fire officials, no member of either group was seriously injured.

“Mom had been missing for a couple days before the fire,” said Edward Hamilton. “That’s her thing when she’s on a big story. I just don’t get why she was at the printing facility. ”

MT editor Jack Harrington and publisher Robert “Bull” Hanover were unaware of any reason why Hamilton would have been at the printing facility at that hour.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Eliza Hamilton. She was an asset to the MT’s reporting staff, and will be missed by all her colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family,” said Harrington.

All of Eliza Hamilton’s colleagues at The Metrocity Times knew her to be a smart and tireless reporter. She had a career that spanned over 20 years and was a distinguished award-winner. She was often the person that coworkers turned to for help with a story.

“Once Eliza got in to breaking a story, she put everything she had in to that story. She would not stop until she was sure the public had all the facts,” said City Hall reporter Rachel Greene.

Hamilton was known for the way she immersed herself in a story. Fellow reporters were used to her sporadic presence in the newsroom. Her investigative reporting often made her hard to contact for weeks at a time. Normally, however, she checked in with her family every couple of days.
Hanover, not typically known for letting his emotions get the best of him, could not help saying “The woman was one damn good reporter. She made this paper proud.”

The police have not released any information. However, a source at the coroner’s office said Hamilton’s death appears suspicious. The source would not give more details at this time.

Hanover says that the MT will use all resources at their command to find out how and why Hamilton died.

The body of the victim in The Metrocity Times printing facility fire has been identified as investigative reporter Eliza Hamilton.

The MT reported last week that the award-winning journalist’s disappearance had been brought to the paper’s attention by her son, Edward Hamilton. He called the MT last night to say that the police had positively identified his mother as the one victim of the fire. “I just thought everyone should know about what happened to my mom, in case they were still looking for her,” said Hamilton.
The police are not confirming the name of the victim in the fire since the case is still under investigation and they were waiting until all next of kin could be contacted.
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