Deceased Reporter's Husband Arrested
by Aisha Washington
(cont'd from above)
Williams noted that, six months ago, Mark Bridges killed his wife of ten years because he claimed it would save him from having to go through a messy divorce.

According to Thomas and Eliza’s son, Edward Hamilton, his parents had been separated for the last three months. 

“I know they were having trouble with each other,” said Edward. “When they were together they fought all the time. My dad didn’t like the kind of work my mom was doing. A few months ago he even told her he would leave her if she didn’t stop being working for The MT.”

Williams said that signs of an abusive relationship could include control games, jealousy, violence and withholding sex. 

“From the information you have provided me, it definitely sounds like the Hamilton’s marriage relationship was abusive,” said Williams. [Sib, you know how “professionals” often make judgments for the media w/o knowing all the facts? I thought this seemed like a typical Dr Phil-type statement. If it’s too strong, take it out.]

Williams went on to say that when a spouse starts trying to control what his or her partner does, or spends time with, this could be seen as playing control games with them. In the Hamilton’s case, Williams said that includes forbidding Ms. Hamilton from doing her job.

Divorce papers had been filed by Eliza Hamilton a week before the fire at the Metrocity Printing Facility. Ms. Hamilton sited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. 

Denise Defranco was the lawyer hired to represent Eliza Hamilton through the divorce hearing. DeFranco is known for always winning her case by her direct, no-nonsense tactics.

“Eliza was seeking full custody of her son, as well as alimony and full ownership of the house they purchased jointly,” said DeFranco. “I was confident we would get everything she wanted.”

Crimes related to divorce have risen in the last year. According to police reports, two men were arrested recently for killing their wives rather than deal with the strain of a divorce. Just last month, The Metrocity Times reported on George Feeley who had killed his wife and children two days after his wife filed for divorce, and then he turned the gun on himself.

“The pressure of divorce is often too much for people to handle,” said Williams. “Normally, people act out by drinking excessively or dating multiple people, but sometimes people take it to the next level.”

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Thomas Hamilton, police ask that you call the Metrocity Police hotline immediately. All calls will be kept confidential.

The police have now issued a warrant for the arrest of Thomas Hamilton, the estranged husband of recently deceased Eliza Hamilton. 

“Mr. Hamilton is wanted for questioning in the death of his wife, Eliza Hamilton,” said Sgt. David Sturges. “If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the Metrocity Police Department immediately.”

Police will not confirm why they want to bring in Thomas Hamilton for questioning. However, Laura Williams, director of the Metrocity Center for Violence and Abuse, said that Metrocity has seen a surprising number of spousal related deaths in the last year.  (cont'd below)
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