Murder Arrest: MT Reporter's Husband

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“He didn’t strike me as anything special-he was nice to the staff, I never would have guessed he was wanted to questioning in a murder,” said hotel staff member George Rendell of Thomas Hamilton.

According to Rendell, police surrounded Hamilton’s hotel room at 3 am. A team then entered Hamilton’s room and took him in to custody.

“The dude definitely did not look happy about being woken up at 3 am by the police,” said Rendell. “He was kicking and screaming, he woke up everyone else in the hotel.”

Rendell was also able to confirm that Hamilton had a car filled with suitcases and other personal items.

“We see a lot of people that just move through. It looked to me like he was one of those people,” said Rendell. “His car was filled with a lot of junk and you do not have that much stuff unless you are planning on going somewhere.”

Police would not confirm whether Hamilton was fleeing the state until they had finished their investigation. Sturges said that police officials would question Hamilton and then decide how to proceed with the investigation.
So far police have only confirmed that they are questioning Thomas Hamilton in the death of his wife Eliza Hamilton. In a previous interview by their son Edward Hamilton, he confirmed that the two were reported to be having marital problems that resulted in Eliza seeking a divorce from her estranged husband.

The Times were unable to contact Edward Hamilton, but did speak to his grandmother Isabel Foller. Edward Hamilton is currently staying with his grandmother. She said that Edward was still mourning the death of his mother and was extremely worried about the wellbeing of his father.

Currently, Thomas Hamilton has not been charged with a crime. Although, police have now confirmed that Eliza Hamilton was murdered at the Metro City Times’ Printing Facility although police officials will not confirm anything else.

A source close to the police department confirmed that Eliza Hamilton had been strangled and left at the scene of the Metro City Times Printing Press Fire. The source said that the police were investigating Eliza Hamilton’s connection to the fire, but had yet found a link between the two events.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Police will neither confirm nor deny that the cause of the fire was arson. However, the source said that the police have brought in members of the Pravda Security detail for questioning in connection to the fire.

Police announced late last night that they had arrested Thomas Hamilton on suspicion of murder of his estranged wife, former Times’ reporter Eliza Hamilton.

“Mr. Hamilton was arrested at Metro Motor Inn on Broad Street,” said Sgt. David Sturges.

According to Sturges, Thomas Hamilton had frequented the ATM on Broad Street over the past month using a joint account that was for Mr. Thomas Hamilton and Mrs. Eliza Hamilton. Once police pinpointed Hamilton’s general location, they tracked him to a hotel he was staying at in which he was checked in under his own name... (cont'd below)
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