Discount Retailer Moves to Docklands
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That’s all about to change. The chain and the mayor’s office announced yesterday that the massive retailer is going to give the city’s revitalization effort in the Docklands a major boost.

“Gold Standard believes in Metro City. By moving here and, more specifically, to the Docklands, we are expressing our confidence that Metro City is on the move and poised for great things,” said Gold Standard CEO Larry Greene in a press conference at City Hall yesterday.

Greene said the chain plans to construct a flagship store on the property that once was home to AgriAmericanConover.

AgriAmericanConover had been the nation’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products. When AgriAmericanConover folded—the market for cigarettes has declined as the nation’s health habits have changed—the firm’s misfortune took more than 1,000 jobs out of the city. Subsequently, the Docklands went into an economic and social tailspin.

Green said details are still being worked out regarding the retailer’s plans. However, Green said Gold Standard is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to this rundown area of the city. As a flagship store, the Docklands outlet will be where the chain pilots new retail campaigns that eventually will be rolled out to other markets.

Plans are also in the works to bring segments of the company’s mail order and Internet warehouse from Austin to Metro City, said Green.

The announcement by Gold Standard provides the Docklands with a much needed morale boost. Hours after the press conference by Gold Standard, this newspaper’s new printing plant was totaled in a fire. The plant’s construction two years ago had been heralded by the publishers and the mayor’s office as the first success in the city’s plans to revitalize the Docklands.

For most Americans, Gold Standard is the place to go for everything they could possibly need—from underwear to hamburger meat to flat-screen TVs to Viagra. The aggressive retailer has put drug store chains, grocery stores, clothing retailers and electronics dealers on the economic ropes. By offering more items at lower prices, Gold Standard has forced competitors to close by the score.

At the same time, Gold Standard keeps finding areas of growth where other American businesses have either failed or met with resistance. From its birthplace in Austin, Texas, Gold Standard now has outlets in India, Venezuela, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, and some countries many Americans would not know how to pronounce.

Gold Standard is everywhere. Everywhere but Metro City.
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