Concern Over Missing TMT Reporter

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Morrison is serving a 20-year sentence in a minimum security prison in Danbury, CT.

“Mom’s been known to pull some all-nighters, but nothing like this,” said Edward Hamilton, who said he has reported his mother’s absence to city police.

“We have received the report about Ms. Hamilton’s absence,” said Metrocity police spokesperson Sgt. David Sturges in an interview. “We have opened up an investigation based on the concerns of her family, but we can’t say anything more than that at this time.”

Edward Hamilton said the police have shown little enthusiasm for investigating his mother’s situation, so he has turned to the MT and the public for assistance.

“It’s not like mom to completely drop out like this, even when she’s working on a story,” said Edward Hamilton.

Hamilton said his last conversation with his mother was not about work but about his father. Eliza Hamilton is divorced from Thomas Hamilton which, according to the son, has been contentious at times. Edward Hamilton said his estranged father has fallen behind in his child support payments in the past year and his mother had returned to court several times to rectify the situation.

A call to the Metrocity family court confirmed that a bench warrant has been issued for Thomas Hamilton’s arrest for failure to comply with the terms of his divorce agreement with Eliza Hamilton.

Edward Hamilton said he has not been able to reach his father to see if he may have seen his ex-wife.

MT editor Jack Harrington said the staff is concerned about its reporter because of the sorts of news stories Hamilton covers. “You never know what crazies out there might want revenge against Eliza,” said Harrington. “Mob hits are more Hollywood than Metrocity, but stranger things have been known to happen.” “We are hopeful that there is a logical explanation for Eliza’s absence. We also are hopeful that, if Eliza sees this article, she’ll check in when she learns her son and her friends are worried about her.” Harrington has worked with Ms. Hamilton since she started at The Metrocity Times as suburban reporter covering the school beat.

Eliza Hamilton’s son said he also hopes his mother reads about the concern she has generated. “Mom, if you’re working, it’s okay. You don’t have to stop, just call home. Please.”

Anyone who has seen or knows the whereabouts of Eliza Hamilton is asked to call Harrington at the MT. All calls and information will be kept confidential and only will be used to bring Hamilton back to safety.

Family and colleagues are concerned about The Metrocity Times reporter Eliza Hamilton, who has not been seen or heard from for four days.

Hamilton’s absence was reported yesterday to MT editor Jack Harrington by her 16-year-old son Edward.

Hamilton is the MT’s investigative reporter, and has received numerous journalism awards throughout her long-storied career. She was credited with helping bring down the corrupt administration of former mayor Walter Morrison. Morrison was convicted on numerous federal racketeering charges after Hamilton uncovered his policy of steering city contracts to friends and business associates, including several members of the Metrocity crime syndicate.
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