Boy Missing in Custody Battle
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Lucinda said the boy’s father does not have court permission to leave the
state, let alone the country, as the divorce works its way through the courts. Due to what she claimed was mental cruelty, Lucinda has moved to strip her husband of his custodial privilegesduties for their child. But, even though her husband has threatened to take the boy if she pursued the a custody battle.

Lucinda said she knows exactly where her husband is. It’s a simple matter of the police filling out the necessary paperwork to begin the process of extradition.

However, Lucinda told The MT said, when she arrived at the police department to file a complaint, she got the runaround. The desk sergeant wasn’t interested in her story, she told The MT. She waited three hours for the a detectives to finally take a her statement, she said. When she did sit down tofinally give her story, she Lucinda said the detectives yawned, and nodded a lot, but took no notes. When she was done, they he told her there was nothing to he could do. Then they and escorted her to the exitout of the police station.

Lucinda said she followed up that meeting with an attorney, Mike Black. She said her attorney explained the situation between councilors and the police union.

“That’s when I realized that my little Gregorio is a little pawn in their little big game,” said Lucinda.

The police union and the council are at odds over the council’s decision to hand over all security details at public facilities to the private firm of Pravda Security. The decision has stripped local police officers of most of their overtime availabilities opportunities.

The president of the police union Local 4336, Juan Martinez, deniesd that the situation between officers and the city hasd anything to do with how Lucinda or any citizen has been treated by police officers.

“This is a big city,” said Martinez. “Detectives hear similar complaints similar to Lucinda’s all the time. In most cases, these situations are resolved before an investigation even begins. Although We sympathize with Lucinda, but unless a child’s life is in obvious danger, these cases are a low priority for officers. We reiterate that, we will not let our dissatisfaction with elected officials affect our duty sacrifice to maintain public safety in Metrocity because of our dissatisfaction with the decisions of our elected officials.”

Although Lucinda’s situation is unfortunate, Police Chief Isabella Medina echoed Martinez’s statement saying that, although Lucinda’s situation is unfortunate, said the personnel issues with the city’s police officers have nothing to do with how detectives handled the cases. Medina said there may be a difference of opinion between the union and elected officials, but the people of Metro City should be assured that the dispute has had no impact on safety in the city. “My officers are professionals.”

Lucinda, however, disagreed with the assessment of the police union and the police chief.

“You can’t tell me that if everything was normal that our police officers would be callously enough to turn their backs on a little eight-year-old boy who has had been ripped from the his home of and his mother” . said Lucinda. “If this is happening to me, I wonder what else is happening to others in our city. because of their foolishness?”

The local police union and city councilors maintain that the hard feelings over the city contract being awarded to with Pravda Security have not had an impact on public safety.

But one local woman begs to differ.

“My son is missing, and all they do is sit on their considerable asses,” said Juanita Lucinda, a 29-year-old mother and insurance executive.

Lucinda said she is certain her son 8-year-old son, Gregorio, is alive and well. However, Lucinda said she is angry, however, because she believes the boy has been taken by his father, Jimmy Lucinda. She thinks the father has taken Gregorio to the Dominican Republican to skirt a custody suit related to the
couple’s impending divorce.
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