Missing 8 Year Old Found Dead

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“He was not chatty, or fidgety, and didn’t seem interested in anything on the flight,” said Lawson. He did not act like a little boy, said the Metrocity resident.

Lawson said he tried to engage in conversation with the boy. “He didn’t even want to volunteer his name,” said Lawson. Lawson said he figured the boy was shy or was told not to talk to strangers so he left him alone.

Lawson said flight attendants couldn’t even get the boy to eat anything during the long flight. Eventually, the boy did manage to eat one of the airline meals the attendants served him.

Lawson said Gregorio later had a fit, which appeared to be an epileptic seizure, and collapsed on the flight. The flight was over the mid-Atlantic at the time so an emergency landing probably wasn’t possible, said Lawson. Flight attendants, and a doctor on board the plane, tried to revive Gregorio, but they were unsuccessful.

The coroner’s office declared Gregorio dead after the flight arrived at Metrocity Airfield. The city coroner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Department of Homeland Security sources, speaking on the promise of anonymity, said the boy was traveling under a forged Belarusian passport. Gregorio was flying alone, allegedly, because he had been orphaned in Minsk and was flying to the United States to live with his uncle and cousins.

After learning of her son’s death, Juanita Lucinda immediately placed the blame on the shoulders of the Metrocity Police Department and the Metrocity political figures, including the mayor and the City Council.

Teary-eyed, and shaking, Lucinda said, “My son is dead because the city and the cops are acting like little children. My son is dead because our police department cares more about themselves than the residents of Metrocity.”
The police union and the council are at odds over the council’s decision to hand over all security details at public facilities to the private firm of Pravda Security. The decision has stripped local police officers of most of their overtime availabilities.

The eight-year-old boy thought to be kidnapped by his estranged father has been found dead.

The boy, Gregorio Lucinda, died at the Metrocity Airfield after arriving from a connecting flight from Paris, France.

How the boy got onto the flight from Europe, or where he was in Europe, is not known, police said.

However, the passenger who sat on the flight next to Gregorio, Jonathan Lawson, said the boy appeared ill, pale and quiet on the flight. Flight attendants took special care of the boy since he was flying alone on the flight. Lawson said the boy was not very talkative on the flight and did not seem like your typical eight-year-old... (cont'd below)
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